The Indigenous Real Estate Firm in Nigeria

At Suthman, our operations are guided by integrity, professionalism, dedication and diligence. Therefore, we have in place processes and precautions that help us manage every client’s project.

Our Objective

We are committed to providing the best professional, ethical, and timely solutions to our customers at all times, across the real estate spectrum based on expertise, understanding and partnership.

01. Schedule

We have schedules in place to address the key service heads and a Master Schedule, which contains all services to be performed and the required frequencies.

To be used in tandem with the Master Schedule, are individual Implementation sheets, which record the actual performance of individual services, time spent in performing the service/activity, the materials and the equipment utilized.

This ensures operational standards are strictly being adhered to.

02. Service Quarters

Controls would be in place to manage the occupants in the service quarters to ensure their immediate environment is clean and tidy at all times.

03. Account Rehabilitation

TA detailed account by service head is provided quarterly or bi-annually.

04. Service Charge

Our policy is to provide quality service at the most competitive cost. We continually strive to find cost and energy-saving processes to the benefit of our clients and tenants.

We serve as custodians of funds and managers of the staff, specialists and contractors and require a deposit on account per unit exclusive and/or inclusive of diesel (depending on the structure of agreement) as an annual service charge, which is used in executing all of the routine maintenance, overheads and contingencies within the scope of the service provision including diesel purchases and generator maintenance.

05. Facility Manager

A dedicated facility manager would be available to primarily ensure the building and its environs are kept clean; the facilities are effectively functional and requests for repairs are executed within a reasonable time (max 24 hours for non-emergencies).

06. Fee Structure

Our facility management administrative fee is dependent on the agreed structure with property owners/occupants. They vary between fixed, variable and/or hybrid.

07. Health & Safety

We recommend all buildings have fire extinguishers in strategic areas of the building i.e. security house, generator house and hallways; establishing muster points and ensuring fire exits are always clear of interferences.